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    • President Biden Job Approval
      Rasmussen Reports
      Results: Approve 42, Disapprove 56
      Disapprove +14
    • President Biden Job Approval
      Results: Approve 44, Disapprove 51
      Disapprove +7
    • Virginia Governor - Youngkin vs. McAuliffe
      Univ. of Mary Washington*
      Results: McAuliffe 43, Youngkin 48
      Youngkin +5
    • New Jersey Governor - Ciattarelli vs. Murphy
      Results: Murphy 51, Ciattarelli 38
      Murphy +13
    • President Biden Job Approval
      Results: Approve 43, Disapprove 53
      Disapprove +10
    • President Biden Job Approval
      Politico/Morning Consult
      Results: Approve 47, Disapprove 50
      Disapprove +3
    • President Biden Job Approval
      Results: Approve 46, Disapprove 48
      Disapprove +2
    • Congressional Job Approval
      Results: Approve 19, Disapprove 59
      Disapprove +40
    • Direction of Country
      Results: Right Direction 33, Wrong Track 56
      Wrong Track +23
    • Direction of Country
      Politico/Morning Consult
      Results: Right Direction 38, Wrong Track 62
      Wrong Track +24
    • 2022 Generic Congressional Vote
      Politico/Morning Consult
      Results: Democrats 44, Republicans 40
      Democrats +4
    • 2022 Generic Congressional Vote
      Results: Democrats 52, Republicans 48
      Democrats +4
    • Iowa Senate - Grassley vs. Finkenauer
      Des Moines Register
      Results: Grassley 55, Finkenauer 37
      Grassley +18
    • Michigan Governor - Craig vs. Whitmer
      Trafalgar Group (R)
      Results: Craig 50, Whitmer 44
      Craig +6
    • Virginia Governor - Youngkin vs. McAuliffe
      Results: McAuliffe 43, Youngkin 34
      McAuliffe +9

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    Beto O’Rourke rips Biden response to Haitian migrant crisis in scathing op-ed – Fox News

    Democratic former Texas congressman Beto O’Rourke ripped the Biden administration’s decision to expel thousands of Haitian refugees in a scathing op-ed on Friday, accusing the president and his advisors of failing to anticipate a crisis that was “years in the making.”

    The Unraveling of the Murdaugh Dynasty: Unsolved Murders, Insurance Fraud and Missing Millions

    Since Alex Murdaugh admitted last week to trying to stage his own murder, months after his wife and son were killed, new twists have landed by the day in cases involving the South Carolina lawyer and his family. “I feel like I’m in a three-ring circus,” said another lawyer.

    Taliban deny claims girls will be banned from school — but don’t say when they’ll be allowed in – CNN

    The Taliban have denied claims that Afghan women would be banned from secondary schools after calling on boys, but not girls, to resume education, claiming they needed to set up a “secure transportation system” for female students before allowing them back into classrooms.

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