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A Whole New Outlook on the Evolution of Nutrition

Thankfully, nutrition has evolved and is providing clarity on information regarding nutrition labels, recommended serving sizes, daily value percentages, nutrition intake, and included added sugar listings*. This creates more trust between food manufacturers and consumers giving people a sense of confidence in selecting their food choices. Consumers can expect to see a difference in the […]

George Floyd was a Police Informant?

It’s been recently revealed from the Minnesota Court System that George Floyd was a police informant for the Minneapolis Police (see image below). There’s also this tweet that has been circulating concerning this story… George Floyd was a hit. Derek Chauvin was controlled by dirty PD & org crime. Involved in sex-trafficking. Young girls/teens sold. […]

Trump calls for authorities in Seattle to take action after ‘autonomous zone’ set up by protesters

aerial photography of Seattle skyline

The US President called on the Governor of Washington Jay Inslee and Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan to “take back your city,” saying they are being “taunted and played” by Black Lives Matter protesters. Demonstrators in the city have set up an area around the abandoned East Precinct called the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone,” and footage […]

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