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Kellyanne Conway Leaves White House

Kellyanne Conway announces that she will be leaving the White House at the end of the month to focus on family. She will also making more announcements in the future on what she will do next. Kellyanne ran Trump’s campaign in 2016, and has had drama with George Conway, who is one of the founders of the Lincoln Project, a anti-Trump organization. There’s also been some drama with Kellyanne and George’s daughter who has used […]

Bill Barr against “Digital Certificates” on Coronavirus Immunity

Bill Barr was interviewed by Laura Ingraham on her show The Ingraham Angle on the Fox News Channel and was asked about Bill Gates’ idea of having “digital certificates” to show if people have been vaccinated against viruses. “Yeah, I’m very concerned about the slippery slope in terms of continuing encroachments on personal liberty,” Barr responded. “I do think during the emergency, appropriate, reasonable steps are fine.” Bill Gates, the Gates Foundation are in favor […]

White House Names Chad Wolf As Acting Homeland Security Secretary

President Donald Trump has named Chad Wolf to be the next acting head of Homeland Security, the fifth person in the job for this administration. While speaking to reporters Friday outside the White House en route to a rally in Mississippi, Trump said he had chosen Wolf, ending weeks of speculation over who would head up the department after Kevin McAleenan resigned in October. Wolf used to do “lobbying on behalf of NASSCOM, a leader […]