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Final Presidential Debate 2020

The Final Presidential Debate for 2020 will be held on October 22nd at the Curb Event Center in Nashville, TN between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. The debate will be moderated by Kristen Welker who has been criticized that her family had donated to Democrats in the past including Barack Obama. The planned second debate was cancelled due to COVID-19 issues and the Trump campaign disagreeing doing the debate virtual. Joe Biden has come into […]

2nd Trump-Biden Debate will be Virtual, Trump Declines, Biden too

The Commission on Presidential Debates announced that the second Trump-Biden debate will be ‘virtual’ amid concerns about Trump’s COVID-19. Minutes later, Trump said he would not participate. “No i’m not going to waste my time on a virtual debate,” he said during the Maria Bartiromo morning show on Fox Business. As well as Joe Biden. The Biden camp released a statement that he will instead participate in a virtual Town Hall. Big announcement just now […]

Where are the 3 Presidential Debates Going to be?

On October 11, 2019, the Commission on Presidential Debates announced it would host four debates, including three presidential debates between incumbent president Donald Trump, the Democratic nominee Former Vice President Joe Biden, and any other participants that qualify. The other will be a vice presidential debate between incumbent Vice President Mike Pence, Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris and any third party candidates that meet the criteria. The first presidential debate will be at Case […]

What Time is Tonight’s 2020 Democratic Debate

CBS, Twitter and the Congressional Black Caucus Institute will host Tuesday night’s Democratic primary debate, which can also be watched on BET or streamed online on CBSN. The seven candidates who qualified for the Democratic debate are former Vice President Joe Biden, former mayor Michael Bloomberg, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Sen. Bernie Sanders, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, former mayor Pete Buttigieg, and billionaire activist Tom Steyer. The debate will be broadcast live from Charleston, South Carolina.