Republicans wonder if Pence has what it takes to challenge Trump

Jon Ward and Tom LoBianco / yahoo!news  

Former Vice President Mike Pence grabbed the nation’s attention this past Friday with three simple words: “Trump is wrong.”

But many Republicans who want the party to move on from the last president still wonder whether Trump’s former second-in-command has what it takes to go toe to toe for control of the Republican Party.

Pence and his allies are growing bolder in making a case for his leadership, and there is evidence that Pence is gaining resolve to run in 2024, whether or not Trump does.

Yet in one day this week, a member of the Republican National Committee, a scholar based at a think tank and an anti-Trump GOP political operative all told Yahoo News that they believe Pence is too cautious and conflict-averse to challenge Trump in 2024.

They don’t question his courage or resolve after Jan. 6. That question, they say, has been answered. They do, however, doubt his appetite for the kind of scorched-earth fight that will come at some. .. Read more here.