Georgia Lieutenant Governor threatens State Legislatures to not call for Special Session

On a recent podcast episode of the War Room, Steve Bannon was interviewing John Fredericks from the John Fredericks Radio Network and was saying that the Georgia Lieutenant Governor, Geoff Duncan, was threatening state legislatures to not call for a special session to investigate the alleged voter fraud.

“Majority Leader Mike Duggan and the Cosmo man Lieutenant Governor Geoff Duncan, are the ones we have been told by people that were there that said they didn’t want this to happen. They were threatening people’s committee assignments. They said they would get blackballed,” said Fredericks. “All this went on yesterday. I’ve been told by a number of people, all these senators wanted with this petition was to be able to get through a session with the electors. And they could have one of three outcomes either certified Biden, certified Trump, or don’t certify anybody. Whether or not it would have made a difference to some of the center’s on my show we’re saying today. Well, it didn’t matter what you know, Biden was going to win anyway.”

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