Rudy Guiliani on State Legislatures Deciding the Electors

Rudy Guiliani was on Steve Bannon’s War Room show recently, and was explaining their best path to overturn the Election for President Donald Trump, which is going through the State Legislatures.

Rudy says, “Professor Eastman, who has been The biggest expert on this, points out that the Constitution provides the answer. The answer in a disputed election is the state legislature.” Rudy says the state legislatures have the power over the Electors than the governors and Secretary of State. “The article two, section one, clause two of the Constitution gives the power solely to the state legislature to decide on the electors. There’s a dispute or at anytime they don’t need the governor. They don’t need the Secretary of State. They don’t need the Congress. They don’t need the president. It’s them. It’s theirs.”

Rudy also said, the state legislatures can call on a special session and don’t need the governor to do so. Then they can see the evidence that has been provided and decide on the electors. “The legislature says we make a finding that the election was stolen, the Trump had the votes to win. And we (state legislature) send Trump’s electors to the Electoral College. Now the Democrats to try to send another group and that goes to the Supreme Court. And the Supreme Court will decide whether Georgia acted reasonably,” Rudy continues, “And it will defer Georgia if Georgia acted reasonably because the Constitution says that the state legislature decides it doesn’t say the Congress doesn’t say the governor doesn’t say the Supreme Court. It says the legislature decides and we know this Supreme Court for some time back defers to the institution of government, the Congress has given the initial power to.”

Rudy said that its their best case for the US Supreme Court. A lot of evidence has been provided to Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. Many state legislatures have started to call on a special session. The Electoral College meets on December 14th, a hard deadline, but many argue that it isn’t.


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