New York’s daily coronavirus death toll drops below 100 for first time in months

New York state on Saturday saw its coronavirus death toll drop below 100 for the first time in months.

Governor Andrew Cuomo and health officials announced Saturday that the hardest hit state in the country recorded 84 daily deaths tied to the coronavirus as of May 22, marking the first fall below 100 daily deaths since the pandemic began in March. The governor noted this number is “still a tragedy, no doubt,” but said it showed massive improvement from the tens of thousands of total deaths recorded over the last two months. Cuomo also said hospitalizations and new cases are down as of Saturday.

Sixty two of the deaths occurred in hospitals and 22 were in nursing homes across the state. The previous day, May 21, New York recorded 109 deaths, which reflects similar statistics from the previous week in which fatalities remained just above 100 each day. Cuomo called it “overall good news” and said a top doctor recently told him that getting under 100 deaths each day would mean “you can breathe a sigh of relief.”


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