The Case For Citizen’s Arrest

By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio 

Our beloved America is in trouble…and it’s on a scope most never thought possible…as we bear witness to our freedoms being stripped away by those in government whose allegiance is not to the Constitution but to socialism bordering on in-your-face communism. And even one’s private thoughts and actions are being manipulated by those whose quest for power is so all consuming that even what was once considered acceptable public discourse is now at the mercy of “Big Brother” style censorship. And so it seems, at least on the surface, that we have become a nation of cowards too afraid to say the word “no”… too afraid to take tangible action or even to consider taking legal action against taskmasters with a decidedly anti-American agenda. 

And yet there has always been an option at hand…an option that at first many will snicker at…yet it’s an option that can work if presented and handled the right (as in legal) way. And here I’m referring to the option known as “citizen’s arrest,”whereby a private citizen can not only make a formal chargeable arrest instead of that arrest being made by a sworn law enforcement officer, but an arrest where said citizen… Read more and see video here.