Trump Campaign Legal Team Brings Evidence of Voter Fraud in Press Conference

The Trump Legal Team headed by Rudy Guiliani held a press conference in Washington DC presenting evidence of voter fraud in the battleground states.

Giuliani quotes an affidavit of an election official in Detroit who swears she was instructed not to look for defects in absentee ballots; to backdate ballots to avoid having to sequester them per Supreme Court order; and not to check whether people were voting legally, or twice.

Giuliani says 15k of 17k provisional ballots in Pittsburgh were cast by people who were told that they had already voted by mail. Did they forget — or were Democrats filling out and assigning ballots to random people, hoping they would not show up?

Giuliani says that ballots marked only for Biden — some 60,000 to 100,000 — were “produced” quickly and, in some cases, triple-counted. He says there are 60 witnesses to this in Michigan.

Giuliani notes that Gore litigated for 37 days over one county’s chads. Says scope of problems in multiple states is far more serious for this election.

Giuliani is citing affidavits from 60 witnesses including three who say that Biden ballots were processed three times and other allegations. He is claiming 100 such witnesses in the case pending in Detroit and insists that they have enough challenged ballots to flip the state.

Giuliani notes that Wisconsin had a different law, with strict procedures for absentee ballots, requiring applications. He alleges that there were 60k ballots in Milwaukee, and 40k in Madison, where ballots were submitted without prior applications.

Sidney Powell also spoke at the press conference and presented the evidence of the Dominion Voting System that was used in most battleground states during Election Day.

Sidney Powell says “communist money” from Venezuelan, Cuba, and likely China were used to influence the US election.

Sidney Powell says there is mathematical evidence of HUGE quantities of Trump votes being either 1) deleted entirely or 2) switched, and added, to Joe Biden’s vote count.

Sydney Powell said that the Trump votes were coming in overwhelmingly for Trump that the Dominion system couldn’t keep up so they had to stop the voting process so they could rig The ballot box with enough votes to overturn the election.

Rudy Giuliani says he didn’t believe the allegations about Dominion until Sidney Powell showed him the documents.

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