Kinds of Never Trumpers

Never Trumpers are know for former or current Republicans who are against President Donald Trump. Never Trumpers first came to be when the National Review released an issue before the Iowa Caucus condemning Trump.

There are two different types of Never Trumpers: the ones who are fully subscribed to the Democrat Party and Foreign Policy war hawks.

The Foreign Policy Never Trumpers

Whether it’s David Cameron, former British Prime Minister in China, or whether it’s Bill Kristol, and the Middle East was the never ending wars there, whether it’s John Bolton and he was he was determined to start that war with Iran. And when he got into the White HOuse, he really did think that he was going to get his way on that. Well, there’s Elliott Abrams with Venezuela. Those are the sort of policy disputes that these Never Trumpers’ seek.

Fully Subscribed to the Democratic Party

The Max Boots’, who are fully subscribed now to the Democratic Party platform, the democrat side, and there are the Never Trumpers, who still want to remain in control of the republican party and take back control of the Republican Party.

And there is the group of David French, who don’t like the tone of Donald Trump, and is willing not to vote for Trump or Biden. He wrote a piece about not concerned with the abortion issue when it comes to voting.

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