America’s Voice News Names Dr. Gina Loudon President of Programming

DENVER (PRWEB) June 12, 2020

America’s Voice News, the new voice for uncensored news across the country, is proud to announce that Dr. Gina Loudon has been named President of Programming. Dr. Gina’s unique perspective, political expertise and proximity to government decision-makers will bring meaningful programming changes to the network as it continues to make its name as an independent voice in today’s news.

Under Loudon’s guidance, America’s Voice News will be implementing 18 hours of live news programming from 6am to 12am EST daily. Along with her current on-air anchor duties, Loudon will help develop new hard-hitting programs to bolster the existing line-up of popular shows.

Loudon stated, “This will truly be a ‘free-speech’ zone. We will not virtue signal. We will not answer to the tabloids and we will not give credence to the ‘cancel-culture’.”

“Our goal is not to compete with existing networks. We are building an entirely new culture around our platform that is unique to the media landscape. This is an audience-focused news platform that has never been executed before!” Loudon added.

America’s Voice News is excited to start implementing Dr. Gina’s programming vision, which includes a three hour morning show, a series of daytime news shows, an all-star primetime lineup, a late-night style program and significantly more weekend news content.

Howard Diamond, CEO closed with these comments, “…our hosts are given the freedom to present the truth as they see it from an editorial perspective and if we find a warranted opposing opinion, then we will invite that opposing opinion onto our platform for civil discourse.”

ABOUT AMERICA’S VOICE is a network dedicated to delivering a wide range of perspectives to level the playing field across the current bias in today’s media landscape. We aim to raise the level of debate in this country using in-depth analysis, rational thought, common sense and common decency… all of which seem to be missing from today’s news cycle!

America’s Voice News now has studios in New York, Denver and Palm Beach with a soon-to-open DC bureau, with studios and an entertainment venue.

You can watch all America’s Voice News content on Dish Network channel 219, PlutoTV channel 247, Roku, AppleTV, and AmazonFire. You can download the APP for iPhone or Android and you can interact with them on Facebook, Twitter, and on the web at

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