Dr. Oz says New Yorkers will have to ‘think twice’ before attending crowded events

Dr. Mehmet Oz warned Monday that the reopening of the U.S. economy would need to be a gradual process in the absence of widespread testing and a vaccine for the novel coronavirus.

Oz joined “Hannity,” to respond to President Trump’s announcement that a decision will be reached “shortly” on reopening the economy. Trump announced last week that he would form a second coronavirus task force focused on that goal.

“This city still isn’t past the crisis,” Oz said, referring to New York City, which has emerged as the epicenter of the outbreak in the U.S.

“ER’s [emergency rooms] are still busy enough, not as busy as they were a couple of days ago, which is good news but the ICU’s are still plenty busy and that’s why I think we have to start off in Texas and in other states that have not been hit as hard to work through some of the kinks.”

“I love football, but you’ve got to think twice before going into a packed crowd when you’ve got a big problem like this.”

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