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  • Florida: Trump vs. Biden
    Results: Biden 48, Trump 47
    Biden +1

  • Georgia: Trump vs. Biden
    Results: Biden 47, Trump 48
    Trump +1

  • Georgia: Trump vs. Biden
    NY Times/Siena*
    Results: Biden 45, Trump 45

  • Minnesota: Trump vs. Biden
    Results: Biden 49, Trump 44
    Biden +5

  • North Carolina: Trump vs. Biden
    ABC News/Wash Post*
    Results: Biden 49, Trump 48
    Biden +1

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Trump Campaign’s Three Pathways to 270 | Election 2020

According to Axios, Trump Campaign Bill Stepien sees at least three pathways to 270 electoral votes: Stepien tells them the “easy part” is winning Ohio, Florida, Georgia, Iowa and Maine’s second congressional district. From there, the first pathway, and the one he views as most likely, is for Trump to win Arizona, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. His second pathway would be for Trump to win Arizona, North Carolina and Michigan. And pathway three — the […]

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